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Medicare trustees warn of payment issue’s impact on access to care

In the Medicare Trustees Report, the trustees warned that the program faces “challenges,” notably that physician payments are not based on underlying economic conditions—such as inflation—and are not expected to keep pace with the cost of practicing medicine.

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New Medicare cuts threaten access to care for seniors

From Baker County to Yamhill, Oregon is facing a serious shortage of doctors. With dozens of federally-designated Health Professional Shortage Areas across the state, we need more doctors to help increase Oregonians’ access to treatment and improve their health.


What’s wrong with Medicare physician payment?

For the last two years, the U.S. Congress has failed to stop in their entirety repeated across-the-board pay cuts that further threaten Medicare access to high-quality physician care, especially for patients in rural, underserved or economically marginalized areas.

| STAT News

Independent doctors like me are becoming an endangered species

More than 100,000 doctors have left private practice and become employees of hospitals and other corporate entities since 2019. Today, nearly three in four physicians are employees of larger health care entities or other corporations — a record high.

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We’re dedicated to raising awareness of Medicare physician payment system problems so that we can work towards solutions that protect physician practices and patients’ access to care. It’s vital that patients and physicians use their voices to advocate for change. 

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